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Peach Overlanding

Welcome to Peach Overlanding! This site documents my epic adventures, where I showcases my  Suzuki Jimmy JB74 and all the modifications. Including the newly added trailer build and how that puppy tows 🙂

We will also focus on documenting, our overlanding trips, missions and even the failed ideas for the Jimny.

May 12, 2021

Towing with a Suzuki Jimny Jb74

I recently bought a trailer to tow behind the Jimny, after a lot of research…
March 23, 2021

Rooftop Tent on a Suzuki Jimny

A quick summary of this blog would be, you can carry a rooftop tent safely…
General 4x4
September 9, 2020

Should I install a Locker?

The term four-wheel drive is often thought to mean that power goes to all four…
September 2, 2020

Seeing the Snow

Going to see the snow at Matroosberg. We decided to go see the snow at…

Jimny Micro Overlander

Follow along on the journey, including all the modifications being done to the Jimny and trailer. The goal is to make it the ultimate mirco-overlander / touring weapon, while still having a city car.

The Jimny may not be the best vehicle of choice for overlanding due to its size, but it makes a good city car. When paired with a trailer and bigger tyres, it becomes a different car!