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Jimny // Adventures

Jimny Build

Welcome to the Build Page, where we proudly showcase the impressive enhancements made to “Peach,” our beloved Suzuki Jimny. Prepare to be captivated as you explore a meticulously documented collection of upgrades that have transformed Peach into a formidable force of off-road capability.

The Build

From suspension modifications that conquer rugged terrains with ease, to engine enhancements that fuel its adventurous spirit, every modification has been carefully selected and executed to maximize Peach’s potential. Embark on this virtual journey and witness firsthand how each modification contributes to Peach’s unrivalled performance and unwavering reliability. Whether you seek inspiration for your own off-road endeavours or simply revel in the art of modification, this page is your gateway to witnessing Peach’s evolution into the ultimate trail-conquering machine.

Des Sol Radial Cup Protectors
Des Sol Radial Front Bumper with Winch
Gobi-X Rear Bumper
Viper Freeflow Exhaust
Frontrunner Loads Bars
Jimnybits Steel Rims
Mud Terrain Tyres 33″
Raptor Coated Sills
Raptor Coated Trim
National Luna Dual Battery
Customised Rear Tyre holder
Transfer Case Reductions
Jimnybits Radius Arms
50mm Des Sol Lift & 50mm Spacers
Viper Headers
Custom Double Jerry Holder
Bushtech Gullwings & Cupboard
Frontrunner Awning


  • Jimnybits Radius Arms
  • Jimnybits Cross Member
  • HM4x4 Extended Bumpstops
  • Zombie Offroad Shock and Spring Spacers
  • Des Sol Extended Brake lines
  • Des Sol Panhard rod
  • Gabriel Shocks
  • Des Sol Springs
  • Jimnybits Headlight and Abs bracket
  • Jimnybits swaybar drop kit
  • Ironman Steering Dampener


  • 17/87 Reduction gears
  • Viper Freeflow Exhaust (Would not recommend it!)
  • 33/12.5 r15 Mudtrek Tyres
  • Runva 4500lbs Winch


  • Des Sol Front Bumper
  • Des Sol Radial cup protectors
  • Gobi-x Rear Bumper
  • Gobi-x Spare wheel holder
  • Custom Double Jerry Holder
  • Des Sol Rocksliders (Destroyed)
  • BOC Offroad Custom Rocksliders and Scrub Bars


  • Bushtech Gullwings
  • Frontrunner Loadbars / Full roof rack
  • Frontrunner Awning
  • Frontrunner Bottle opener (NB!)
  • Jimnybits Steel rims
  • Raptor Coated Plastic trim
  • Guard Chop to fit bigger tyres
  • Suzuki Grill replacement
  • Debadge


  • Wonky Donkey Bags (Cupholders basically)
  • Rear Parcel Shelf
  • Bushtech Cupboards
  • Bustech Gullwings
  • Frontrunner baseboard & custom storage
  • National Luna dual battery set-up
  • 105ah Battery
  • Escape Gear Seat Covers


  • Ironman Double swag
  • Frontrunner Chairs
  • Bicycle rack converted to Swag carrier
  • Flex Adventures 45l Fridge
  • Lots more!!
Jimny with 33" tyres towing trailer

Jimny in Action

A visual feast of Peach in its natural element, defying the ordinary and conquering the untamed wilderness. These captivating pictures will transport you to the heart of exhilarating off-road adventures, where Peach proves its mettle as a true trailblazer.

2024 Rig Update

The rig has gone through a fair bit of changes, I have built up the rig to where I want it to be but a lot of parts are failing or just not up to standard and need replacing. While I strive to keep this up to date, the changes keep coming. If you have any questions about the build not mentioned here, you can drop me a message at [email protected].