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Behind the Build: A Detailed Look at the Modifications on My Jimny Jb74

Jimny Gen4 Tierkloof

Embarking on the journey of modifying my Suzuki Jimny for Overlanding adventures, little did I know that a few trails would completely transform the direction of the build. From an initial focus on overlanding, Jimny’s purpose evolved into a more off-road-focused build. In this blog, I will share the modifications I have made and their impact on the vehicle’s performance and capabilities.

30-Inch Yokohama MT Geolanders:

Embracing Off-Road Prowess To enhance off-road capabilities, I opted for 30-inch Yokohama MT Geolander mud-terrain tires. While these tires deliver exceptional off-road performance, fitting them on the Jimny required some trimming to ensure a perfect match.

17/87 Reduction Gears:

Unleashing the Crawl Function To address the issue of mismatched gearing and add a superior crawl function, I turned to Protrack’s 17/87 reduction gears. This modification not only optimized the Jimny’s power delivery but also enhanced its off-road manoeuvrability, making challenging terrain a breeze to conquer.

4″ Lift:

Accommodating Bigger Tires To accommodate the larger tires without excessive trimming of the guards, a 4″ lift became necessary. Utilizing a combination of Des Sol suspension parts, JimnyBits, and Zombie Offroad, I achieved the desired lift. Surprisingly, the on-road performance surpassed expectations and proved to be better than the stock standard setup.

JimnyBits Rims:

Finding the Perfect Offset To complement the enhanced height and off-road prowess, I opted for JimnyBits steel rims with a -30 offset. This choice not only aided in tire clearance but also contributed to a more aggressive and rugged appearance.

Des Sol Steel Bumper:

Combining Style and Functionality The standard Des Sol bumper was modified to fit the tires at full flex, ensuring optimum clearance and protection. The rugged aesthetics perfectly complement Jimny’s off-road persona.

Runva Winch:

A Lifesaver on the Trails Equipping my Jimny with a Runva 4500lbs winch proved to be a wise decision. This invaluable tool not only offers peace of mind but also allows me to assist fellow adventurers in challenging situations.

Gobi-x Rear Bumper:

Tackling Extra Weight and Elevating Style To address the weight distribution issues caused by the rims and tires, I installed a Gobi-x rear bumper. Its robust design not only provides the necessary support but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the Jimny. The custom double Jerry can holder adds both functionality and visual appeal.

National Luna Battery Box:

Balancing Power Needs While the National Luna battery box initially seemed like a practical choice, I have come to realize that it might not be the best fit for my specific requirements. The weight and space it occupies make it less than ideal for weekend camping trips. Exploring alternative battery setups, particularly with Lithium iron batteries, might be a future consideration.

Guard Chop:

Enhancing Aesthetics and Trail Protection Removing the plastic trim and raptor coating the sills and guards not only improved the Jimny’s visual appeal but also proved beneficial in protecting against trail damage. This simple modification added a touch of ruggedness to the overall look.

Front Runner Load Bars:

Lightweight Storage Solution To keep the weight down and optimize storage options, I repurposed parts of my roof rack as Front Runner load bars. These load bars are ideal for securely storing my Swag on the roof, allowing for more interior space and convenience.

Future Modifications:

While my current build seems close to completion, the ever-evolving world of off-roading presents new opportunities. JimnyBits’ release of an auto locker for the rear is at the top of my list, promising improved traction and trail performance. Additionally, I am considering Des Sol rock sliders to protect the vulnerable sills, ensuring the longevity of my Jimny’s body.


As my Jimny build journey progresses, I am continually amazed at the transformation and the vehicle’s newfound capabilities. The combination of carefully selected modifications has unlocked the true potential of my Jimny, elevating it into the realm of an off-road beast. From conquering challenging trails to turning heads with its rugged appearance, my Jimny has become a reflection of my adventurous spirit. While the build may seem near completion, the allure of new modifications and possibilities lingers, reminding me that the journey is never truly over for passionate off-road enthusiasts like us.

You can view the mod list here

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