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Fitting 33″ tyres on a Jimny JB74

By August 2, 2023August 5th, 2023No Comments
Jimny Guard Chop for 33" Tyres

After being inspired by “The Little Rig” on Instagram and scoring a fantastic deal on 33-inch tyres, I finally made the decision to upgrade my beloved Jimny. In this blog post, I’ll share my journey of fitting these robust bad boys and the modifications required to make my Jimny a true off-road beast.

Jimny Guard Chop for 33" Tyres

Trimming for Proper Clearance.

To fit 33-inch tyres, proper clearance is crucial. I began by ensuring I had the right tools to cut my car, not just the plastic trim. Taking cues from my previous experience with 30-inch tyres, I opted to trim less initially, giving me room for adjustments and corrections if needed.

By removing the inner trim and cutting the flare to accommodate the 30-inch tyres with a smaller lift, I was already one step ahead. Examining the picture, you can see the extent of the trimming required to eliminate scrubbing and allow smooth driving. Running 12.5-inch wide tyres with a -30 offset on the rims led to some scrubbing, necessitating precise trimming for optimal performance.

Front Bumper Modifications: Addressing Scrubbing Challenges

Despite the progress made with trimming, there was still some rubbing on the front due to the steering. To counter this, I significantly cut away parts of my steel bumper. However, the issue persisted. As a potential solution, I am considering installing larger bump stops in the front to prevent further scrubbing. Surprisingly, the rear had no issues, and the 33-inch tyres fit flawlessly without any scrubbing, showcasing the importance of addressing front-end challenges.

Recommended Modifications: Preparing for 33″ Tyres

To fully accommodate the size and potential of the 33-inch tyres, several recommended modifications were in order. First and foremost, I had previously installed the 17/87 Protrack reductions from a reputable Greek company. These reduction gears are perfect for 33-inch tyres, optimizing power delivery and enhancing crawl functions.

In addition to the reduction gears, I invested in a 4″ lift kit, complete with all supporting mods. Ensuring the necessary lift was essential for fitting the larger tyres without compromising performance. Extended bump stops, particularly a 50mm rear bump stop, proved effective in preventing scrubbing issues at the rear.

Upgrading Axles and Diff Locks: Safeguarding Against Breakage

To enhance the overall durability and reliability of my Jimny, upgrading the axles and adding a diff lock is a job for the near future. These modifications significantly reduce the risk of breakage, especially when navigating challenging terrains.

Future Upgrades: Enhancing Performance and Handling

With the 33-inch tyres already on my Jimny, I have noticed a dip in fuel economy, as expected. However, the on-road handling remains surprisingly good, providing a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Looking ahead, my focus shifts to further improvements. Differential reductions are on the horizon, enhancing the vehicle’s driveability and control. Additionally, a rear disc brake conversion is in consideration, adding an extra layer of stopping power and efficiency.

Unleashing the Potential of My Jimny on 33″ Tyres

The transformation of my Jimny with 33-inch tyres has been nothing short of astounding. The meticulous trimming, the strategic modifications, and the consideration of future upgrades have combined to elevate my Jimny to an entirely new level of off-road prowess. As I eagerly await my first off-road adventure with these impressive bad boys, I am confident that the power and capabilities of my Jimny will be unmatched. With each modification, my passion for exploration and off-roading only deepens, driving me to discover new trails and conquer the wildest terrains with my trusty 33-inch tyres-equipped Jimny.

There is loads of trimming required to fit the 33-inch tyre, a bit more than I feel capable of doing myself. I have booked my car into a panel shop to get the trimming cleaned up professionally. My advice would be just to know where to draw the line with your skills as new guards are not cheap.

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