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Guard Chop to Fit 33″ Tyres

By August 20, 2023May 10th, 2024No Comments
Jimny Guard Chop for 33" Tyres

Tackling the Guard Chop

For those venturing into the realm of fitting 33″ tyres onto their Jimny, the guard chop is a critical undertaking. This process involves substantial cutting and modification, ensuring sufficient clearance for the larger tyres. In this section, we’ll provide you with a detailed visual guide, complete with images of the process and essential tips to achieve a successful guard chop.

1. The Preliminary Cut: Setting the Stage

The first step in the guard chop involves strategic cutting to create the necessary space for the 33″ tyres. The brackets need to be removed, making the panel loose.Β  I am running a 4″ lift so this cut would be the same for 30″ tyres and a 2″ lift.

2. Addressing the Loose Panel: Riveting for Stability

After the initial cut, you’ll notice that the panel becomes loose. To counter this, a crucial step involves riveting the loose panel to the inner panel. This process restores stability to the modified area, ensuring that the panel retains its structural integrity even after the cut. This can be done another way but this is the best way I found.

Jimny Guard Chop for 33" Tyres

3. Essential Precaution: Rust Prevention

Before moving forward, a crucial consideration is rust prevention. After completing the guard chop, it’s imperative to paint the exposed areas. This protective measure acts as a barrier against rust, safeguarding your vehicle’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. I also placed some pinch welt on the exposed trim after the paint dried

4. The Right Tools for the Job: Angle Grinder and Jigsaw

Executing a successful guard chop demands the use of appropriate tools. For my project, I relied on an angle grinder and a jigsaw. These tools proved to be efficient in achieving accurate cuts, ensuring a precise fit for the 33″ tyres.

5. Precision and Straightforward Execution

Engaging in the guard chop may seem daunting, but with the right approach, it’s a relatively straightforward process. Precision is key, as the cuts need to align perfectly with the new tyre size. Take your time and ensure that each cut is carefully planned and executed.

Unveiling the Transformed Jimny

Engaging in the guard chop for 33″ tyres is a transformative process that requires careful planning, precision, and the right tools. By following these steps and integrating rust prevention measures, you can successfully modify your Jimny to accommodate the larger tyres.

Disclaimer: The content provided above includes images of a vehicle modification process involving the cutting and alteration of vehicle parts. This process requires a certain level of expertise and should be approached with caution. Always prioritize safety and consult professionals if needed before proceeding with vehicle modifications.

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