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Issues with Upgrading to 33″ Tyres on Your Jimny

33" Tyres on Your Jimny

Bigger Tires, Bigger Problems?

Upgrading to larger tyres on a Jimny is a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts looking to improve their vehicle’s capability and aesthetics. However, these upgrades aren’t without their pitfalls. Today, I’ll share my personal experience with running 33″ tyres on my Jimny, detailing the mechanical challenges and wear issues that have arisen as a result.

The Transfer Case Dilemma

One of the first issues I encountered was with the transfer case. Typically, Jimnys can handle heavy off-roading, but even on standard-sized tyres, the transfer case chain can stretch. When I upgraded to 33″ tyres, this problem accelerated significantly. The added strain led to the transfer case jumping gears, especially noticeable when pulling off under load. This issue points to the increased demands larger tyres place on the vehicle’s drivetrain.

Clutch Wear and Tear

Another challenge has been with the clutch. After about 20,000 km with the bigger tyres, the clutch began to slip. Considering the Jimny had previously been fitted with 30″ tyres and had racked up a total of 45,000 km, this wasn’t entirely surprising, but it was still a disappointment. The slip occurs particularly under the extra load from the larger tyres, indicating that even well-maintained components can struggle under increased strain.

Surprisingly Sturdy Axles

Despite these issues, not all has been doom and gloom. The stock axles, for instance, have held up remarkably well. This resilience might be partly due to the other upgrades I’ve made, such as the reduction gear, upgraded suspension, and brake lines, which help distribute the strain more effectively across the vehicle’s structure.

Conclusion: Is Bigger Always Better?

Well in fact size does matter!? While the allure of 33″ tyres is strong, thanks to their enhanced traction and improved ground clearance, they do come with a cost. For those considering this upgrade, be prepared for potential increases in maintenance and repair needs. It’s important to weigh these factors against the benefits to determine if larger tyres are the right choice for your Jimny.

If you’re planning similar modifications, or if you’re experiencing issues with your upgraded vehicle, let’s open up the discussion. Have you faced similar challenges? What modifications have you found essential to support larger tyres?

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