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Jimny JB74 2024 Build Update: Ultimate Off-Road Modifications

Jimny JB74 2024 Build Update: Ultimate Off-Road Modifications

Over the past year, my Jimny JB74 Gen4 has undergone numerous modifications, transforming it into a formidable off-road machine. Here’s a detailed look at the upgrades and changes that have made this possible.

Suspension and Lift Kit

One of the first major upgrades was installing a 4-inch lift kit. This modification provided the necessary ground clearance for tackling rough terrains and enhanced the overall off-road capability of the Jimny. Recently, I also added heavier rear coils, thanks to Trailpod Adventures, which have significantly improved the ride quality.

Tires and Wheels

Upgrading to 33-inch Matrek Mud Trek tires was a game-changer. These robust tires, paired with steel rims from Jimnybits (with a -30 offset), not only improved traction and stability on various surfaces but also gave the Jimny a more aggressive stance. The steel rims can be bent back easily if damaged, making them a practical choice for rugged adventures.

Bar Work and Protection

To safeguard against the rigors of off-road adventures, I added comprehensive bar work, including front and rear bull bars, rock sliders, and scrub bars. The rock sliders were upgraded to a new set from BOC after the Des Sol set broke at Zevenzacht 4×4. Additionally, I Raptor coated the sill of the car after damaging the plastic trim, which allowed the rock sliders to fit closer to the body. The overall build quality and protection have greatly increased, ensuring the Jimny can handle tougher trails.

Roof Load Bars

I removed the Front Runner roof rack and now use load bars for carrying my swag during camping trips. This setup is lighter and more practical for my current overlanding needs.

Lighting Upgrades

Visibility is crucial during nighttime off-roading, so I equipped the Jimny with powerful Bear-X 7-Inch Spotlights. These lights provide exceptional brightness and have both white and orange covers for different lighting conditions. Additionally, the integrated DRLs add a cool factor to the setup.

Interior Enhancements

The interior of the Jimny has seen practical upgrades for better storage and organization. I added Wonky Donkey bags, utilizing the Molle panels for efficient storage solutions. I also replaced the Front Runner board, creating more storage space underneath for recovery gear, which has made organizing tools and equipment much easier. The addition of gullwing cupboards from Bushtech has been a game-changer; one of these houses the face of the dual battery system, which is a cut-up National Luna box.

Chopping and Customization

To fit the 33-inch tires, a fair bit of chopping was required. With help from Jimnyworx, we properly mounted the guards after the chop, ensuring a clean and functional setup. The bent sill was Raptor coated, adding durability and a rugged look.

Durability and Reliability

Amazingly, only the transfer case chain has stretched over the past year, and nothing else has broken. This speaks volumes about the durability of the modifications and the overall build quality of the Jimny.

Future Mods

Looking ahead, I have some exciting plans for further modifications. TRE4x4 lockers are on order, and I’ll be fixing a few minor issues to keep the Jimny in top shape for future adventures.

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