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Review of Des Sol Rocksliders: Strength and Durability

By March 7, 2024March 28th, 2024No Comments

Let’s dive into an honest assessment of the Des Sol rocksliders, acknowledging both their strengths and limitations without undermining the brand. These rocksliders faced the challenges of demanding terrains admirably but revealed their vulnerabilities when pushed to their limits.

This all being said, I had the rocksliders for a total of 6 months before breaking them. They did take a very hard hit but in my eyes, the welds should have held up and the brackets shouldn’t have bent. Des Sol did stand by their product and sent through a replacement (a pleasure to deal with!).

Initial Impressions: Sturdy Aesthetics

At first glance, the Des Sol rocksliders presented a robust and well-crafted appearance that appealed to my aesthetic preferences. The build quality seemed promising, and they held up fairly well during initial usage.

Testing the Limits: A Breakdown

However, when subjected to extreme conditions, the rocksliders eventually succumbed to the forces they were designed to withstand. This prompted a conversation with an engineer to identify the weak points. Interestingly, these weaknesses were discernible without an extensive investigation. Some might say that these were built for light use and not what my Jimny is built for. So these would be more than strong enough for most!

Points of Weakness Identified: A Collaborative Evaluation

The collaborative evaluation with the engineer revealed that while Des Sol had produced a product with merit, it fell short when exposed to the level of stress I routinely subjected it to. Identifying the weak points became pivotal in understanding the limitations of these rocksliders.

Acknowledging Des Sol’s Support: A Positive Note

It’s noteworthy that Des Sol demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction by promptly offering a full replacement set. Their willingness to stand behind their product reflects a commendable approach to customer service.

The Decision to Upgrade: A Personal Choice

Despite the offered replacement, the breakage prompted a decision to seek a more tailored solution. This incident became the catalyst for opting for a fully custom set of rocksliders. The choice was driven by the recognition that the forces these sliders would endure required a design specifically calibrated to handle such stresses. This is the case due to my Jimny being built like no other in South Africa. The weight of the jimny is a big factor as most Jimnys don’t weigh as much as mine.

Final Thoughts: A Learning Experience

In conclusion, Des Sol’s rocksliders, while aesthetically pleasing and generally durable, may not be tailored to the specific demands of extreme off-road use. This review is not a critique of the brand but rather a candid account of the challenges faced and the decision to pursue a more specialised solution. Every off-road adventure is a learning experience, and this instance has underscored the importance of aligning equipment with the unique demands of the journey ahead.

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Review of Des Sol Rocksliders: Strength and Durability

Let's dive into an honest assessment of the Des Sol rocksliders, acknowledging both their strengths…

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