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The Roofpod Solopod Review

By June 19, 2024July 8th, 2024No Comments
The Roofpod Solopod on a jimny

For my latest camping trip, I had the pleasure of testing out the RoofPod Solopod, a one-man rooftop tent. The adventure took place at Bronze Grove with some friends over a long weekend. Here’s a comprehensive review of my experience with the Solopod.

Setup and Installation

Setting up the RoofPod Solopod was a breeze. With two people, we effortlessly lifted the tent onto the roof, and within 10 minutes, we were ready to hit the road. At the campsite, opening the tent and getting it ready took just about 5 minutes—enough time to crack open a beer. The setup process involves only two zips, two clips, and extending the ladder, making it significantly easier compared to the softshell rooftop tents I’ve previously used.

All you need to mount the tent is some load bars; a full roof rack isn’t necessary.

Comfort and Space

Despite being a one-man tent, the Solopod was surprisingly comfortable. I was initially concerned about fitting comfortably in such a small tent, but there was ample space for me and some essential gear. The limited space is a downside, but it does contribute to the tent’s lighter weight. For my Jimny, which has weight constraints on the rooftop setup, I think I would prefer a two-man version to balance space and weight better.

Sleeping in the tent was a pleasant experience. I slept like a rock even in windy conditions. The tent did an excellent job keeping out the dew, which I’ve found to be an issue with some other tents.

Durability and Weather Resistance

The Solopod is very well made, especially impressive considering it’s built in a small factory in South Africa. The quality surpasses many other tents I’ve tried. My initial concern about the hybrid hard/soft shell design was alleviated by the inclusion of a storage bag for the tent, which is a nice touch.

Accessibility and Convenience

One aspect I’ve never been fond of with rooftop tents is the ladders, but the Solopod’s ladder was very stable once properly set up. The tent also features handy storage options, including external shoe storage and internal pockets for smaller items, adding to the overall convenience.

Ventilation and Insulation

Ventilation in the Solopod is excellent, with multiple windows ensuring good airflow. It also retained warmth well, even in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

Packing and Storage

Packing up the Solopod was straightforward. The tent only took up half of my roof rack, allowing space for additional cargo, although I didn’t utilize this for the short trip. The bulky ladder can be stored inside the tent when packed, which simplifies transportation.

Overall Experience

The RoofPod Solopod is impressively light, which positively impacted my Jimny’s handling in windy conditions compared to heavier tents like those from Front Runner. Among the tents I’ve tested, the Solopod ranks as one of my favourites.


Priced well for its quality, the Solopod is an excellent choice for solo travellers. However, if you prioritize space and can handle a bit more weight, you might consider a larger version. For those who value a lightweight, compact, and high-quality rooftop tent, the RoofPod Solopod is definitely worth considering.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely—if it fits your specific needs and travel style.

If you are keen on finding out more or even purchasing one of these, take a look at their website:

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