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Touring with a Jimny on 33″ Tyres: A Road Trip Review

By October 24, 2023February 22nd, 2024No Comments

Setting out on a road trip from Cape Town to Mozambique with a Suzuki Jimny equipped with 33-inch tyres is a bold and adventurous move. The journey is a test of not only the vehicle’s capabilities but also the modifications made to accommodate these larger tyres. This review details my experience driving on the road with these hefty modifications, highlighting the highs and lows of touring with a Jimny on 33s.

Important Note: Extensive Modifications Required

Before delving into the review, it’s essential to emphasize that these modifications are not for the faint of heart. Fitting 33-inch tyres on a Jimny necessitates substantial alterations to the vehicle’s setup and should not be undertaken without careful consideration and the necessary modifications. You can read about the modifications here.

The Upsides of the Journey

My journey with 33-inch tyres on the Jimny revealed several positive aspects:

  1. Fuel Consumption and Long-Range Fuel Tank: With 33-inch tyres, the Jimny achieved 280 km on a tank. A long-range fuel tank became a tempting proposition due to the frequent refuelling stops.
  2. Power Management on Uphills: To maintain power and keep pace with other vehicles, I found myself frequently in 4th gear while climbing uphill. This became a necessary tactic, especially when towing a trailer.
  3. Handling and Suspension: The tyres coped admirably with the trip. However, the vehicle experienced some road drift in windy conditions. Upgrading the steering damper was on the agenda to improve handling, as the shocks appeared to be slightly too soft for the weight of the car.

The Challenges of a Highly Modified Jimny

Naturally, such an extensively modified Jimny comes with its set of challenges:

  1. Exhaust Issues: The exhaust modifications proved to be the most significant headache on the journey. The exhaust intermittently triggered the engine light, creating a troublesome issue. Furthermore, the exhaust would hit the rear shock when at full flex.
  2. Handling in Wind: The Jimny exhibited some drift in windy conditions, requiring a steering damper upgrade to enhance stability. This issue was particularly noticeable when driving on the open road.

Final Thoughts

Touring with a Suzuki Jimny on 33-inch tyres is a bold endeavour that requires extensive modifications and careful consideration. While there were challenges, especially with the exhaust and wind-related handling issues, the journey was a testament to the vehicle’s capabilities. Fuel consumption, power management, and handling are all aspects that can be improved with the right modifications.

In the world of off-roading and overlanding, every modification serves as a stepping stone toward creating the ultimate adventure vehicle. As with any significant modification, it’s essential to address the challenges as they arise, ensuring that the vehicle is a reliable and capable companion for your journeys. For those considering a similar venture, well-thought-out modifications are key to a successful and enjoyable touring experience with a Jimny on 33s.

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